• China YIKANG AUTOMATION certifications
    Standard: ISO9001
    Number: 211Q10345ROM
    Issue Date: 2011-01-21
    Expiry Date: 2014-01-20
  • China YIKANG AUTOMATION certifications
    Standard: CE
    Number: 2011785
    Issue Date: 2011-11-18
    Expiry Date: 2014-11-17
  • China YIKANG AUTOMATION certifications
    Standard: HPSA
    Number: HPSA2010085
    Issue Date: 2010-05-11
    Expiry Date: 2015-09-10
  • China YIKANG AUTOMATION certifications
    Standard: Honor
    Number: FX21005
    Issue Date: 2010-07-20
    Expiry Date: 2016-07-19
  • China YIKANG AUTOMATION certifications
    Standard: Service
    Number: none
    Issue Date: 2011-05-10
    Expiry Date: 2014-05-09
  • China YIKANG AUTOMATION certifications
    Standard: Honor
    Number: none
    Issue Date: 2010-05-10
    Expiry Date: 2016-05-09
QC Profile

With 10 years manufacturing experience, FLY AUTOMATION always focus on providing excellent quality products, we control and improve every detail to make sure every FLY AUTOMATION product worth its cost. FLY AUTOMATION is now famous among so many countries mainly because of this extremely strict quality control system

FLY AUTOMATION passed IS09000:2000 quality control system
Quality  policy: science and technology oriented, quality for business prosperity, customer satisfaction and con start improvement. Operation philosophy: Brand with good faith and win a market with high quality.
Whole Staff's Participation in 5S:Settle, Shakeup, Spotless, Sweep and Self-cultivation.
Environment Protection Policy: Effectively control pollution. build heart soothing working atmosphere with neat working environment and with happy mood.


Way to solve problems:
1)Describe clearly what you want and discuss with our salesman, see which item is most suitable for you.
2)If the possible problem happens, check the product is used in the correct way,  and the air is clean and environment has mild temperature and pressure, check if the incoming pressure is within the working pressure range, check there’s  dirty impurity inside the solenoid valve ,also the coil burnt, etc.
3)If everything is correct, please feedback to FLY AUTOMATION sales immediately ,we will improve the design and manufacturing method
4)Any feedback of problem is welcomed and after that we can share with more users to Avoid possible loss of.


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